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Hi, I'm Anna!

What I love the most about doing UX and Product related work is how it challenges me to be a better more humanity-driven person. The amount of personal growth opportunities I have had while doing this work have been endless.

I believe that understanding what jobs users need to get done, and then providing them with solutions that not only fulfill those needs, but help them reach their ultimate goals and dreams and eventually live their best lives - is what keeps me going everyday. Even though this work may be tiresome at times it's worth it.

When I'm not helping people live their best lives though my work I'm either rewatching The Office on Netflix, following a Jackie Aina tutorial on YouTube or being one of the proud people still playing Pokemon Go in 2020.

I'm based in Washington, DC, but originally hail from Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Thanks for stopping by.

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