Hello, I'm Anna

I'm a Product Designer based in Washington, DC with an eagerness to learn, a love for feedback, and an endless curiosity. Over the past four years I've been at DivvyCloud, a Cloud Security Posture Management startup. My time at DivvyCloud enabled the business to grow from a 5 figure revenue to a $145,000,000 acquisition by Rapid7. I've recently joined Okta, working on the Zero Trust Platform experience.
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Recent Work

Creating a Cloud Compliance Dashboard

We created a dashboard to focus on key metrics that showed the benefits of all that behind the scenes value DivvyCloud offers to customers

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Improving Bulk Actions In Exemptions

We created a way for users more efficiently exempt areas of their cloud environment from DivvyCloud cloud compliance scans and manage those exemptions at scale.

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Starting a Design System at a Startup

Being only one of two product designers at DivvyCloud, we created a design system to improve future workflows for both designers and developers as the company scales up

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Creating an Information as Code Security Analyzer

DivvyCloud offers cloud security to users by scanning their existing cloud environment for security threats and taking action. We created an infrastructure as code security analyzer which allows customers to evaluate the risk of code templates for their cloud environment before they are even built.

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Redefining Cloud Security Insights

DivvyCloud Insights gives enterprise customers collections of compliance and regulatory standards that are vital to their cloud security. They can use these insights to ensure that their entire cloud environment is always up to code. With insights being DivvyCloud's main value proposition, we wanted to improve it further.

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I've also done design work for companies including:

About Me

Hi again, I'm Anna and I'm a Product Designer based in Washington, DC with over 4 years of experience. Currently I’m focusing on defining DivvyCloud's product experience.

When I'm not designing I'm either rewatching The Office on Netflix (Well Peacock now), following a Jackie Aina tutorial on YouTube or being one of those people still playing Pokemon Go.

Thanks for stopping by, let's connect.

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