Being the First Designer at a Startup Over 4 Years

Leading every design area at DivvyCloud over a four year span. During that time DivvyCloud we've won several awards, onboarded over fifty enterprise customers, and been acquired for $145,000,000 by Rapid7.
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What is DivvyCloud?

DivvyCloud is a Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) platform that provides real-time analysis and automated remediation across cloud and container technologies, like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. DivvyCloud protects cloud and container environments from misconfiguration, policy violations, threats, and identity and access management challenges.

Design areas I've led

My ACCOMPLISHMENTS from rapid growth to a $145,000,000 acquisition

  • First design hire in 2017
  • 12th overall employee
  • From 10 to 50+ enterprise customers
  • Grew revenue to 7 figures
  • Won several awards
  • Acquired for $145,000,000

Design Areas I've Led


When I started at DivvyCloud the customer facing website was a one page bootstrap theme site.

Since, I have led three redesigns as we determined which direction we wanted to take the brand. The most recent redesign being in 2019 (As seen below).


I designed several ad campaigns in partnership with the marketing team during my tenure. Some campaigns included marketing an event, remarketing the website, bringing awareness to an area of the website, and highlighting DivvyCloud's value proposition.


Large scale conferences were a top source for customer leads that eventually turned to buyers. I led and executed the designs for all of our major exhibition graphics for large scale events like Black Hat, Google Next, VMWorld, and AWS Reinvent.


In partnership with a third party video production company, a led the ideation and creation of DivvyCloud animated explainer videos, and a live action video campaign with the goal of giving viewers a deeper understanding of DivvyCloud as a product and a company.

Product Design

Check out my other projects to get a look into the product design work I've done for DivvyCloud

accomplishments during my time at DivvyCloud

I joined DivvyCloud as the first designer and 12th employee back in early 2017 and have been leading design in multiple areas since then. We recently expanded our design organization in 2020.

During this time, our customer base grew from 10 to over 50 including customers like Spotify, Fannie Mae, Discovery, and Pizza Hut

DivvyCloud's annual revenue increased to over 7 figures during my tenure

DivvyCloud won several awards during my tenure including InfoSec's Cloud Security Market Leader

DivvyCloud was acquired for $145,000,000 by Rapid7 in May 2020

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